Carmen-Elena Rotaru: a life in music!

A talented pianist trained at the highly-renowned Romanian school, Carmen-Elena Rotaru has always lived her passion for music 200 %. Carmen-Elena Rotaru has never stopped playing the piano since she was six years old. Combining grace and feeling, her interpretations receive unanimous praise, both from well-schooled critics and simple music lovers.

Bucharest, debuts of a virtuoso

Carmen-Elena Rotaru passed through the best musical establishments of Romania, in particular the Georges Enesco music Lycée of Bucharest. She was one of only two pupils chosen each year to enter the Bucharest Conservatory. She combined her studies in musicology and composition at the University of Bucharest with her work at the Conservatory.

Between Paris and Rennes

Once she had completed her studies at the Conservatory and University, Carmen-Elena Rotaru left Romania for France. For the Boulogne Billancourt Conservatory and also the Paris Conservatory. Here she rubbed shoulders with such big names in music as Hortense Cartier-Bresson and René-François Duchable. At the same time, she taught piano at the CNR in Rennes. She also worked at the Opéra de Rennes as an accompanist. It was with the flautist that she initiated the midday concerts, the first chamber music performances held in the Breton capital.

Belgium, a new chapter

In 1998, Carmen-Elena Rotaru came to Belgium and the Brussels Conservatory, where she now works, notably with Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden. She also steeped herself in Belgian music, playing works by, among others, Jacques Leduc, Michel Lysight and Marcel Poot. At the same time she released several discs. Carmen also works at the Brussels Conservatory and the IMEP de Namur as an accompanist. She often sits on juries at music competitions and plays as an accompanist at the Reine Elisabeth competition.

Concerts, competitions and distinctions

Carmen-Elena Rotaru was little more than 10 years old when she gave her very first concert. Throughout her apprenticeship she took part in numerous competitions and won second prize at the Stressa festival and competition. After the fall of the Ceausescu régime, she won further distinctions and prizes in major national and international competitions, such as the « Jeunes talents de l’Ouest » (Young Western Talents) competition and others in France, Great Britain, Spain…. She regularly performs at prestigious venues and events, for example the Nuits de Beloeil.