Learn to play

Music always begins with an instrument. This is how we see our teaching, and we believe in integrating it into all the facets that make up music as a whole. Find out about our global teaching approach, the instruments you can learn and our different classes and student categories.

The instrument: the starting point

Music is a whole world. There are of course the instrument, music theory and scoring, but there are many other aspects besides, such as cultural and historical contexts. It is the taking into account of this globality that defines our teaching. The starting point? The instrument! Each student is confronted with it from the first minutes of the first class, because everything stems from it….

Music in all its facets

This initial anchor point leads onto other facets of the teaching. Such as sight-reading, sol-fa or the history surrounding the creation of a piece. The teaching will adapt to the pace of each student: to their experience, their capacities and their desires…. But also on the nature of the relationship between pupil and teacher!

Each new stage and each new piece of music played on the instrument enable the student to simultaneously progress in all the disciplines tackled. This multiple learning gives the pupil a more global and complete vision of the world of music… All within an approach that is both fun and challenging. Because to be appreciated and understood, music is an experience which, above all, must be lived!

The instruments

Whichever instrument you wish to learn, our global and practical teaching approach will be the same. At the moment we are offering classes in:

  • singing,
  • piano,
  • guitar,
  • violin,
  • violoncello,
  • drum,
  • theatre,
  • clarinet,
  • saxophone,
  • flute.

But we are always changing our offer to suit your demands!

Classes and rates

The Espace Musique & Art is a school open to all. Starting from three and a half and with no upper age limit: anyone can immerse themselves in music at any point in their life! So that the teaching progresses at the pace of each pupil, we favour the individual approach. The only group sessions we hold are for the youngest students, from 3 and a half to 12 years old. These run alongside musical awakening classes to introduce students to our world!

Group lessons especially for the youngest learners or individual approach: you choose the formula best suited to your tastes and your level!

We also cater for conservatory students who want to benefit from optimal preparation for their exams or overcome certain weak areas. Our teachers are all graduates of internationally recognised schools and conservatories and will help you to progress with the required peace of mind.